Poland - Uniting to fight Covid-19.

2020 - A Christmas like no other

This year Christmas shall be a unique one, but not necessarily in a positive sense. Many of us will not be able to see our loved ones, hug them, or exchange gifts as we traditionally do. However, in the season of goodwill, there is still a chance to do something magical.

The gift of hope

In these unprecedented times, perhaps the most precious gift we can give others is the gift of hope. In a world forever changed by the pandemic, a new hope has arisen for those Poles who have been affected by Covid-19. This hope is locked in the blood plasma of those who have managed to recover from this terrible illness and now may be able to help their fellow citizens.

While there is positive news about potential vaccines, deployment will not be immediate and vaccines can only benefit those who are free of the virus. In the meantime, we have an immediate and urgent national crisis with more than 20,000 Covid-19 patients hospitalised and in need of treatment and care.

Why is Plasma so precious?

  • Plasma is one of the liquid components of human blood that may be extracted from the blood of those who have fought off the virus.
  • What makes plasma so precious is that it contains antibodies which are absent in the blood of those who have not encountered the coronavirus, as antibodies can only be produced in the result of illness.
  • They appear in our bloodstream after a difficult, extremely risky, and, more often than not, lengthy process of recovery.

A snowball effect

The plasma of convalescents is proven to have an enormously beneficial effect during Covid-19 treatment and could be the start of an avalanche of further recoveries.

Just imagine a snowball rolling down a hill.

Small to begin with, but on its way gathering snowflake after snowflake

...to finally turn into an unstoppable element that sweeps away any obstacles in its path.

The team behind Krewki want to create a similar effect by collecting the plasma offered by donors who have recovered from Covid-19. The plasma will then, in turn, help those who are battling with the virus. Once they defeat it, they will be able to donate their plasma to other Covid patients, and so on.

The power of community - harnessed by technology

Krewki is a new initiative created by The State of Poland Foundation which is funded by the State Development Bank of Poland and supported by the national government, which is, in turn, subsidising a number of incentives for participants.

Krewki will create a community of donors and recipients via a dedicated website and app which will connect potential plasma donors with those in need. When you log onto krewki.pl, you will be able to search how many people in your area require plasma rich in Covid -19 antibodies. You’re then given advice on where, how, and under what conditions you can donate. The website allows you to invite people you are friends with, and who have also fought off the virus, to join the community. Apart from the krewki.pl website you can install a dedicated Krewki app on your mobile device. The app does not gather or store any personal data but offers a way of supporting and raising awareness within local communities freely.

Paying it forward

To support the launch, Krewki has produced a short promotional video which shows Saint Nicholas lying in hospital hooked up to a respirator. He will not be able to carry any presents this year, and worse still, is in desperate need of a precious gift – plasma. Through this image our Foundation wants to emphasise how crucial it is to help Covid-19 patients, especially the elderly, who are more vulnerable to the virus and complications resulting from infection.

The campaign is supported by the Polish national government who are offering a number of additional benefits to those who get involved including discounts on public transport, paid time off work, National Insurance waivers and free supplements from pharmacies .

A global fight

The Krewki project is limited to Poland, but the need for blood and plasma donations, for a whole range of conditions, is a global issue. Therefore, the Krewki website will also direct people to plasma and blood donation authorities in a number of other countries in a bid to raise awareness and encourage people all over the world to do their part.

Where you can donate plasma in your county: